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     EE209S Special Topics in Embedded Computing Systems  
Course Information
Location, day, time BOELTER 5422, R, 10:00 AM-11:50 AM
Course description Current topics in embedded computing systems, including but not limited to processor and system architecture, real-time, low-power design.
Instructor Information
Name Puneet Gupta
Email puneet@ee.ucla.edu
Office location 44-123A
Academic Integrity University Policy applies. UCLA Academic Integrity Policy
Type Quantity Percentage towards final grade
Homework: 3 10 %
Quiz: 2 10 %
Lab Report: 2 10 %
Presentation: 2 10 %
Midterm: 1 20 %
Final: 1 40 %
Course References
Other Reference: Design for Manufacturability and Statistical Design by M. Orshansky, S. Nassif and D. Boning
Other Reference: Microlithography: Science and Technology by K. Suzuki and B.W. Smith
Other Reference: BSIM 4.6 User\\\\\\\\222s Manual

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