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     EEM116C Computer Systems Architecture  
Course Information
Location, day, time BOELTER 2760, R, 12:00 PM-1:50 PM
Prerequisite(s) EEM16 or CS M51A, CS 33. Recommended EEM116L or CS M152A, CS 111.
Course description Computer system organization and design, implementation of CPU datapath and control, instruction set design, memory hierarchy (caches, main memory, virtual memory) organization and management, input/output subsystems (bus structures, interrupts, DMA), performance evaluation, pipelined processors.
Course objectives
Instructor Information
Name Puneet Gupta
Email puneet@ee.ucla.edu
Office location 6730C BH
Office hours Tu/Th 3-4pm
Teaching Assistant
Email supriyo@ee.ucla.edu
Office hours Monday 2PM - 4PM, Room 53-125 E-IV
Name Wang, Qian
E-mail qianwang@ucla.edu
Academic Integrity University Policy applies. UCLA Academic Integrity Policy
Type Quantity Percentage towards final grade
Homework: 5 10 %
Quiz: 2 19.5 %
Midterm: 1 25 %
Final: 1 45 %
Survey: 1 0.5 %
Course References

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